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Watching nature experiencing nature and understand it, seeing relations, feeling the moods, keeping new impressions in mind, realizing attractive movements - all this may inspire our creativity.

When you from new relations with your own creative power and describe them in a picture, that is more then working as a florist. It also makes a claim to be acknowledged as an artistic activity.

It is nothing so remarkably new to make pictures out of parts of plants. Only when things begin to melt together and when organic elements and color are related to each other in harmony be the artist you may see this as a new approach. And this especially so, when the process coming from a florist's work goes to floral design and or to this from of representation.

The expression arising from such picture is always defined by your personal feelings. Being means of creativity color gives depth to the arranged floral parts which is necessary. It may also create harmony or provide a planned contrast. In dealing with this painting device I often use the attractive shades of colors, the suspense of spreading them or accidentals that I may direct. All these steps lead me on to arranging floral parts. Color lifts them into the foreground, it may hint at a background or it is the device to create an atmosphere full of mystery.

Using all these elements even the floral materials, like a painter is typical for this sort of creating pictures. Techniques like painting in wonder colors, coating, spraying, rolling and making imprints are only some of those I have used and tested.This may show you the great variety of ways to use color as a means of creativity.

The inspiration to make a picture should not be drawn from any given portrayals. Only he who does not copy nature can create something new.

Fridhelm Raffel.

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