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I can make collages for You...

What I can do for You?

If You like my collages and want to get one or more for yourself - I can help You. Moreover, You may express yourself by collages - just let me know what is Your feeling. I can use any form of Your expression, for example - verses, paintings, photo with Your comments, interior or anything else.

Kind of collages?

Landscape, scenery
Interior design
Of course may be something else ;-))

Color theme?

I can make a collage in a specific color theme, for example You may say: "I like collage in light green."


Any size, just specify. I prefer the following lines:

  • 10x15 cm - miniature
  • 15x21 cm - middle size
  • 35x40 cm - big size


You may choose color and material - (wooden, plastic) in case of plastic border color is subject of additional co-ordination.

How match does it cost?

Depend of sizes and border type. You may use following approximate price table:

Size/Border type Wooden Plastic
10x15 cm 15$ 20$
15x21 cm 30$ 40$
35x40 cm 70$ 100$
* Delivery charges do not included in prices above.

Money back?

Certainly, if You dislike my work after You receive them by post You can get money back. Just send my works back and get Your money.

How to make an order?

Send me a letter via e-mail: Olga Mikheeva with You coordinates (e-mail preferable) and collage description (see above) and I will answer You as soon as possible.

Or You may contact me directly:

Mikheeva Olga
Medicinkaya st. 9/8
Phone: +7 8362 563291

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